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Autographs and Manuscripts
(Additional Books)


183199 ALEXANDER, G.
From the Middle Temple to the South Seas.
1927 Lond. (1927). 8vo. Or.cl. (XIV,288,2pp.). With frontisp., 23 plates most of which are full-page, and 1 map. 1st ed.
$55.00 USD plus postage.

153000 ALEXANDER, G.
From the Middle Temple to the South Seas.
1927 Lond. (1927). 8vo. Or.cl. (spine faded). (XIV,288,2pp.). With frontisp., 23 plates most of which are full-page, and 1 map. Ex-library copy. Inscribed and signed by the author.
$95.00 USD plus postage.

154796 ALLAN, J.T.
Playthings of Fate.
1933 Sydney: N.S.W. Bookstall Company, 1933. 8vo. Or.cl. (extremities a little rubbed). (X,282,2pp.). 1st ed. Author's signed presentation copy. Previous owner's name stamp on end-papers and edges a littl...
$25.00 USD plus postage.

Personal 3 page letter to Mr. Beattie from J.F. Irvine dated July 25th 1911,
1911 in which he discusses various items of Tasmanian interest and photographs he offers for use as postcards. NOTE: John Watt Beattie was a well known Tasmanian photographer and antiquarian, and co-found...
$65.00 USD plus postage.

193844 CARTER, M.
No Convicts There. Thomas Harding's Colonial South Australia.
1997 (Adelaide 1997). 8vo. Orig. illust. limp boards. (336pp.). With numerous illusts., most full-page, many in colour and end-paper maps. Signed by the author.
$60.00 USD plus postage.

152336 CASEY, MAIE.
Rare Encounters.
1980 Melbourne: Nomad Press, (1980). Roy.8vo. Or.gilt dec.cl. d.w. (VIII,78pp.). With title-vign., 15 plates 2 of which are col., and text-illusts. Author's inscribed present. copy. Fine. NOTE: Lady Casey...
$30.00 USD plus postage.

196130 CLUNE, F.
Try Nothing Twice. The Story of Two Dozen Jobs.
1946 Sydney 1946. Small 8vo. Orig. illust. wrapper (slightly shelf rubbed). (vi, 178pp.). 1st edition. Signed by the author.
$50.00 USD plus postage.

193746 COBURN, J. and N. AMADIO.
John Coburn: Paintings.
1988 (Sydney: Craftsman House, 1988). Folio. Orig.cloth. Gilt spine. Dustjacket. (VI,206pp.). With title-vign., text-illusts., and 88 full-page col. plates. Signed by the artist. 1st edition. NOTE: Collec...
$275.00 USD plus postage.

Religion & Sex. Studies in the Pathology of Religious Development.
1919 Lond. (1919). 8vo. Or.cl. (a little flecked and spine extremities rubbed). (XIV,288pp.). Uncut. Signed A.P. Elkin on front fly-leaf.
$45.00 USD plus postage.

152302 DAVIS, P.
The Hurstville Story.
1986 (A History of Hurstville Municipality 1887-1987). ... (Hurstville, N.S.W. 1986). Sm.4to. Or.cl.d.w. (240pp.). With num. illusts., and illust. end-papers. Signed by the author. Fine.
$30.00 USD plus postage.

193723 FLYNN, J.
John Flynn.
1963 Apostle to the Inland. By W.S. McPheat. (Lond. 1963). 8vo.Orig. cloth (slightly shelf-rubbed). (286pp.). With col. portr., 16 full-page plates, text-maps and end-paper maps. Fully signed by the Auth...
$60.00 USD plus postage.

(1818-1893). French composer of opera "Faust" (1859),
"Romeo and Juliet" (1867) and oratorios, including "Redemption" (ca.1882). ALS.. "my dear friend, I would like to recommend to you the young man who brings this letter. Mr. Belliver is from Nimes and...
$205.00 USD plus postage.

The Spy Trap.
1971 Lond: J.M. Dent & Sons Ltd., (1971). 8vo. Orig. cloth. Dustjacket. (176pp.). Author's inscribed present. copy. Previous owner's signature on front fly leaf. 1st edition.
$60.00 USD plus postage.

1902 Lond.: Duckworth, (1902). 8vo. Orig.cloth. (XVI,196pp.). Small book plate on front fly-leaf. Author's signature tipped in. Some pencil annots in text.
$50.00 USD plus postage.

196129 HARDY, Frank.
Legends from Benson's Valley.
1963 London: Werner Laurie, (1963). 8vo. Orig. cloth. In slightly chipped dustjacket. (248pp.). Fully inscribed and signed by Frank Hardy. 1st edition.
$125.00 USD plus postage.

194330 HOOVER, H. (By A.M.Free).
Herbert Hoover.
1929 Baltimore (1929). 8vo. Orig. cloth (slightly shelf-rubbed). Gilt. (34pp.). With 3 full-page portrs. Author's signed and inscribed copy. Ex libr. copy. NOTE: Herbert Hoover was the 31st President of ...
$100.00 USD plus postage.

193709 JAMES, D.N.
Westland Aircarft since 1915.
1995 Lond: Putnam, (1971). 8vo. Orig.cloth. Dustjacket. (VIII,516pp.). With frontisp., numerous illusts and diagrams. Signed by the author.
$45.00 USD plus postage.

162307 LEWIS, W.
The Apes of God.
1955 Lond: Arco Publishers Ltd., 1955. Sm.thick 4to. Or.illust.cl. (626pp.). With illusts. by the author. Edition limited to 1000 copies for subscribers only, this being No. 302, fully signed "Wyndham Lew...
$165.00 USD plus postage.

Norman Lindsay's Cats.
1975 Introd. by D. Stewart, with additional remembrance by Norman Lindsay. (Melbourne 1975). Sm.4to. Orig. cloth binding. Dustjacket. (64pp.). Profusely illust. 1st ed.
$75.00 USD plus postage.

198761 LOCKWOOD, Douglas.
Australia's Pearl Harbour, Darwin, 1942. With a Foreword by Air Chief Marshal Sir Frederick Scherger.
1966 (Melbourne 1966). 8vo. Orig.cloth. In chipped dustjacket. (xvi, 232pp.). With 24 full-page plates and endpaper maps. Author's signed copy. 1st edition. NOTE: Account of the Japanese air raids at Dar...
$110.00 USD plus postage.

156353 MASON, PETER.
Genesis to Jupiter.
1978 (Sydney: The Australian Broadcasting Commission, 1978). 8vo. Or.illust.limp boards. (56pp.). Author's signed inscribed copy. Previous owner's sign, and annots. throughout. Assoc. newspaper clippings ...
$20.00 USD plus postage.

154787 MELAUN, C.
The Squatter's Daughter.
1933 With a foreword by F.E. Baume. ... Sydney: N.S.W. Bookstall Company, 1933. 8vo. Or.cl. (VIII,146pp.). Author's signed copy. A little foxed.
$20.00 USD plus postage.

The Thorn Birds.
1977 New York: Harper & Row, 1977. 8vo. Orig. cloth. Dustjacket. (X,534pp.). 1st American edition. Signed by the author. Previous owners' address on front fly-leaf. ADDED: Assoc. newspaper cutting loosely...
$60.00 USD plus postage.

194656 McKIE, Ronald.
Bitter Bread. ...
1978 Sydney: Collins, (1978). 8vo. Orig. cloth. Dustjacket. (264pp.). Signed by the author. 1st edition.
$30.00 USD plus postage.

152873 PAGE, GEOFF.
Cassandra Paddocks. Poems.
1980 (Sydney: Angus & Robertson 1980). 8vo. Or.illust. limp boards. (VIII,68pp.). 1st ed. Signed by the author.
$20.00 USD plus postage.

An original hand-written document by Earl Chatham regarding the admission of the Rev. Francis Fawkes into the "number" of Domestic Chaplains, and the rights bestowed upon Rev. Francis Fawkes thereafter.
A unique historical item, hand-written by Earl Chatham on folded, emblemmed parchment paper. Signed 'Chatham' with his personal, hard wax seal. F'scap folio. Some skilful repairs at folds and preserv...
$2500.00 USD plus postage.

156973 POWER, M.F. (M.D. POWER).
The Verse Book of Muriel Faucett Power: 1895 to 1946.
1948 Sydney: The Beacon Press, (1948). Roy.8vo. Or.cl. Gilt. (128pp.). Uncut. Lim.ed. of 120 signed copies, this being No. 12. Signed present. copy, this copy inscribed, additionally signed, and pres. to ...
$165.00 USD plus postage.

153297 PRESCOTT, W.
Address at the Unveiling of the Statue of Colonel William Prescott on Bunker Hill, June 17, 1881.
1881 By Robert C. Winthrop. Cambridge U.P. 1881. Roy.8vo. Or.printed wrapper (a little chipped). (II,34pp.). With frontisp. and 1 plate with tissue-guards. Author's signed presentation copy. NOTE: Commemo...
$30.00 USD plus postage.

160548 REED, T.T.
Historic Churches of Australia.
1978 (Melbourne 1978). 4to. Or.cl.d.w. (150pp.). With num. plates many of which full-page and col.
$40.00 USD plus postage.

152233 REED, T.T.
Historic Churches of Australia.
1978 (Melbourne 1978). 4to. Or.cl.d.w. (150pp.). With num. plates many of which full-page and col. Signed by the author.
$40.00 USD plus postage.

193686 RICHMOND, C.A.
Blue Mountains. The City Within A Park.
1987 Photography by L. and M. Turton. ...(Sydney 1987). 4to. Orig. illust. cloth. Gilt. Dustjacket. (vi,106pp.). With col. title-page illust., numerous col. illusts, maps and end-paper maps. Signed by the...
$55.00 USD plus postage.

193722 ROBERTS, E.P.S. (by M. Roberts).
Uncle Peter: Edwin Peter Spencer Roberts, C.M.G. Man of Achievement.
1989 (Brisbane 1989). Small 4to. Orig. cloth. Gilt. (xii,182pp.). With col.title-page portr., numerous illusts., some in col., and decorative end-papers. Signed by the author and E.P.S. Roberts. 1st edit...
$55.00 USD plus postage.

194229 SALE, DAVID.
Come To Mother.
1971 Lond: W.H. Allen,1971. 8vo. Orig. cloth. Dustjacket. (208pp.). Author's signed copy.
$50.00 USD plus postage.

Smike to Bulldog.
1946 Letters from Sir Arthur Streeton to Tom Roberts. Ed. with annotations by R.H. Croll. Sydney (1946). 8vo. Or.cl. In chipped d.w. (6,144pp.). With title-vign., and 16 full-page plates of which 8 are co...
$250.00 USD plus postage.

194670 TARN, A.W. and BYLES, C.E. (Compl. by).
A Record of the Guardian Assurance Company Limited 1821-1921.
1921 With an Intro. by the Chairman. (London) 1921. 8vo. Orig. quarter vellum. Gilt (shelf-soiled). (vi, 154pp.). With frontisp., title-vign., 11 full-page plates and two fold. facsimiles. Some minor foxi...
$100.00 USD plus postage.

195241 TIMMS, E.V.
Forever to Remain.
1948 Sydney: Angus and Robertson, 1948. 8vo. Orig.cloth. In chipped dustjacket. (vi, 304pp.). Author's signed present. copy.
$50.00 USD plus postage.

193845 WALDRON, C.
One Hundred Years. A Country Town. A Village of Tecumseh, Michigan 1824-1924.
1968 N. P. 1968. 8vo. Orig. illust. limp boards. (XII, 186pp.). With numerous illusts., and maps, most full-page. Author's signed present. copy.
$40.00 USD plus postage.

195524 (CHURCHILL, W.S.).
Original Manuscript diary of Lieut. C.E. Fishbourne, R.E. who accompanied Winston Churchill on safari in East Africa in November 1907.
1907-8 Lieut. Fishbourne, Royal Engineers, was attached to the Uganda Railway Extension Survey in Uganda during 1907 and 1908. The diary is in 2 vols, small 4to, each gilt-stamped with the writer's name, be...
$3500.00 USD plus postage.

An original archive of correspondence dating from the Society's inception (circa 1962/63) and consisting of its file copies of correspondence totalling approx. 150 letters most of which are carbon copies, but includes some original handwritten letters.
C.1962-1963 This correspondence is between the Society and various institutions and individuals . Preserved in 4to size cloth portfolio. An important Australian aviation archive.
$750.00 USD plus postage.

190540 BIBLE:
Bible presented to Dr. H.V. Evatt when sworn in as Member of the House of Representatives
by the Commisssioner of the House, Edward A.W. Tiernan, 23rd September 1943, signed by him, as well as the full war-time cabinet of the then A.L.P. Governmemt of John Curtin. The original signatories...
$10000.00 USD plus postage.

Painted Books from Mexico.
1995 Codices in U.K. Collections and the World they Represent. (Lond): British Museum Press, (1995). Roy.8vo. Or.cl.d.w. (224pp.). With num. illusts., some in col., and maps.
$75.00 USD plus postage.

Newsreel in 1862.
1963 The Grand Moving Diorama of the Victorian Exploring Expedition. Sydney: Australian Documentary Facsimile Society, 1963. 4to. Or.boards. With frontisp., and text-illust. Ed. lim. to 250 signed copies....
$25.00 USD plus postage.

A Catalogue of the Manuscripts in the Cottonian Library, deposited in the British Museum.
(Lond): Printed by Command of His Majesty King George III, 1802. Folio. Later qtr. cf. with plain paper boards. (XVI, 618, 76pp.). Printed in double-column. NOTE: Sir Robert Cotton (1571-1631) was an...
$450.00 USD plus postage.

185511 CROSBY, BING:
The Story of the People's Most Popular Star, as featured in Photoplay, the Australian Monthly Magazine issued by the Murray Publishing Co.
Fully inscribed on front cover "To my friend, Al Murray with sincere good wishes, Bing Crosby". Plus an original letter on Bing Crosby - Hollywood letterhead, addressed to Mr. A. A. Murray, Editor "P...
$500.00 USD plus postage.

124572 DENNIS, C.J.
Original photograph:
The last photograph depicting "Den", early 1938, with R.H. Croll and A.H. Chisholm in the garden of "Arden", Toolangi. Measures 6 x 7.50 inches. Mounted in attractive wooden frame with autograph inse...
$1250.00 USD plus postage.

Orig. manuscript.
1897 A.L.s. to Phil May. Lond. 19 Mar. 1896. Mounted on ink-ruled sheet, and inscribed by J.C. Westley, "This was sent to me by the celebrated artist, Phil May Esq in April, 1896 ..." Du Maurier's last dr...
$65.00 USD plus postage.

Engr. Pro-forma Bill of Exchange dated 16th May 1839 for "Two hundred and twenty eight (pounds) one (shilling)".
1838 Designated payable at "the Commercial Bank". With red ms."No.377" and due date "19th Oct. 1839" inscribed across the face of the Bill. Watermarked: J. Whatm(an)? 1838. Inscribed on verso. Mounted on ...
$105.00 USD plus postage.

187740 GARDINER, MESSRS. W. & CO. LTD. :
Illuminated Address and Memorial to Mr. William Halley on the occasion of his departure from the firm of Messrs. W. Gardiner & Co. Ltd., from his fellow employees, wishing him and his family Bon Voyage.
Illuminated in colour and gold by Turner & Henderson in Sydney, June 8th, 1901. Thick large folio. Or. full heavy morocco (slightly rubbed). Gilt and with brass initials on front cover. Inside dentel...
$1000.00 USD plus postage.

128986 GOODIN, V.E.
Australianism, the Labor Party and the Unions.
1970 Original manuscript and original typescript. (Carlingford, N.S.W. ca. 1969-70). 7 quarto writing pads (manuscript) plus 3 folio folders (Typescript: 591 leaves). Author's signed copy. NOTE: A work in...
$1100.00 USD plus postage.

174048 HARRSEN, M. Compl. by.
Central European Manuscripts in the Pierpont Morgan Library.
1958 New York 1958. Folio. Or.illust.cl. Gilt. (X,90pp.). With col. frontisp., 1 tipped-in col. plate, 7 col. and 83 b/w full-page plates, and end-paper col. maps. Limited ed. of 850 copies. In slip case.
$95.00 USD plus postage.

28189 HOLLOWAY, J.
A poem of five stanza's in M.S. entitled "Cynic to his Lady".
Fully signed J.Holloway.
$10.00 USD plus postage.

94886 KENT, A.M.
A small collection of three poems entitled "To --- with leaves", "Sweetheart"; and "I want a Lilly"
The poems are in type-script, one is signed by hand.
$10.00 USD plus postage.

200021 KING, Philip Gidley.
Original miniature pen and ink manuscript map 'A Plan of Port Famine, 1826', neatly tipped down on paper bearing M.S. notes on both sides. On recto: 'A plan of Port Famine done by P.G. King only 9 years old, received the 18th of Febry, 1829'
1829 and on verso in the same hand: 'Memo from his Father Capt. P.P. King- The enclosed I found on Philips Desk it is exactly like the place of Port Famine, a much better plan that I have seen done by old...
$4000.00 USD plus postage.

Prepared by. Bibliograhy of Selected Manuscripts relating to Australian Politics since 1890 held in the Mitchell Library.
1964 (Sydney) 1964. Sm.4to. Or.printed wrapper. (II,6,196pp.). A stencilled work. Fine.
$20.00 USD plus postage.

Compl.by. Catalogue of the Manuscripts of the Royal Geographical Society of Australasia (South Australian Branch) Inc.
1981 Adelaide 1981. Roy.8vo. Or. full calf. Gilt. (X,54pp.). With frontisp., and num.illusts. De Luxe limited edition of only 30 numbered copies, fully signed "Phyllis Mander-Jones". Mint. ADDED: Assoc. A...
$100.00 USD plus postage.

Compl.by. Catalogue of the Manuscripts of the Royal Geographical Society of Australasia (South Australian Branch) Inc.
1981 Adelaide 1981. Roy.8vo. Or.cl. Gilt. (X,54pp.). With frontisp., and num.illusts. Ed.lim.to 300 copies. Mint. ADDED: The prospectus and assoc. clippings loosely inserted.
$20.00 USD plus postage.

146043 MANDER-JONES, P. (Ed. by).
Manuscripts in the British Isles relating to Australia,
1972 New Zealand, and the Pacific. Canberra 1972. Roy.8vo. Or.cl.d.w. (XXIV,698pp.).
$55.00 USD plus postage.

172421 MANDER-JONES, P. Ed. by.
Manuscripts in the British Isles relating to Australia,
1972 New Zealand, and the Pacific. Canberra 1972. Roy.8vo. Or.cl.d.w. (XXIV,698pp.).
$40.00 USD plus postage.

187833 MANION, M.M. and V.F. VINES.
Medieval and Renaissance Illuminated Manuscripts in Australian Collections.
1984 Foreword by K.V.Sinclair. Melbourne (1984). Sm.4to. Or.cl.d.w. (240pp.). Profusely illust.in colour and b/w. Addendum slip at end. Copy autographed "Margaret M. Manion". Fine.
$80.00 USD plus postage.

178739 MAWSON, D.
Original Radio-Telegram dated 1929:
1929 "Radio-Discovery 4.22p.m. 27th (Dec. 1929), to Dr. Mawson, C'Town, Seasons Greetings to you all, Douglas ..." Received and postmarked at Campbelltown Post Office 28 Dec. '29. Single leaf on Commonwea...
$375.00 USD plus postage.

186253 MILLER, SYD.
Original Artist Archive.
This collection represents the career of one of Australia's most famed caricaturist and cartoonists from the 1920's until 1950's. Comprising 4 portfolio folders with original drawings, scribbles and ...
$11000.00 USD plus postage.

132937 MOORE, T.I.
We're going through. A radio verse play of the A.I.F.
1945 Sydney 1945. 8vo. Or.printed wrapper. (45pp.). Author's signature on title-page, and present. inscription on fly-leaf. ADDED: T hree MS. poems written in author's hand: "Mangoes" (6/7/46), "The Blue'...
$100.00 USD plus postage.

93465 MORAN, P.F.
Cardinal Moran and Christian Democracy, 1885-1898
... Stencilled typescript work, so titled. Comprising 5 parts (Approx 200pp.). bound in one volume. N.P. n.d. Folio. Or.qtr.cl. Contents - Pt. I: N.S.W. in Transition, Moran and Labour; Pt. II - Labo...
$55.00 USD plus postage.

Original correspondence and poetry, mostly in full manuscript and autographed. .
Circa 1912. One poem on The Triad letter head, the rest on Frank Morton's stationery from Hobart, Tasmania. Includes a 3 page poem captioned "Love and a Souter Girl". Total 16 quarto size pages. Sold...
$600.00 USD plus postage.

dated 1896 between Swallow Bros., Hambledon Plantation, Cairns, N. Queensland and M. Okado, a native of Japan.
1896 Handwritten document on two sides of a single f'scap sheet, setting out details and conditions of employment, fully signed by both parties as well as witnessed by officials including a Japanese Inspe...
$950.00 USD plus postage.

170919 OVID:
The Metamorphoses of Ovid. Translated by William Caxton 1480. 2 vols.
1968 (Vol. I: Books 1-9, The Phillipps Manuscript; Vol. II: Books 10-15, The Pepys Manuscript). New York: George Braziller, 1968. Sm. folio. Or.full calf. Gilt. Spines gilt. In or. slip-case. A fine facsi...
$1650.00 USD plus postage.

Bibliotheca Phillippica.
1965 Medieval Manuscripts: New Seris, Parts I-VI. Complete in 7 vols. Being the Sale Catalogues of Manuscripts ... from the celebrated collection formed by Sir Thomas Phillipps (1792-1872) ... sold at Auc...
$175.00 USD plus postage.

Leyden Documents Relating to the Pilgrim Fathers.
1920 Permission to reside at Leyden and betrothed records; together with parallel documents from the Amsterdam Archives. Facsimile, transcript, transl. and annots by D. Plooij and J. Rendel Harris. ... Le...
$150.00 USD plus postage.

An original hand-written document by Earl Chatham regarding the admission of the Rev. Francis Fawkes into the "number" of Domestic Chaplains, and the rights bestowed upon Rev. Francis Fawkes thereafter.
A unique historical item, hand-written by Earl Chatham on folded, emblemmed parchment paper. Signed 'Chatham' with his personal, hard wax seal. F'scap folio. Some skilful repairs at folds and preserv...
$2500.00 USD plus postage.

94282 RUSHTON, P.J.
The industrial workers of the world in Sydney, 1913-1917: A study in revolutionary ideology and practice.
1969 A thesis ... Sydney 1969. 4to.Bound. (V,298pp.). Typescript, typed on one side of page only. With 11 full-page plates. NOTE: Important.
$100.00 USD plus postage.

Balance sheet showing income and expenditure from 1843-1858.
1858 Audited by E.S. Rowling and Alex. E. Dare, dated 13th April, 1858. Important M.S. item re the Building Fund of Saint John's Chu rch at Parramatta. ADDED: Some photostat copies with the negative of th...
$230.00 USD plus postage.

150987 SINCLAIR, K.V.
Descriptive catalogue of Medieval and Renaissance Western Manuscripts in Australia.
1969 Sydney (1969). Roy.8vo. Or.cl.d.w. (XVI,504pp.). Illust. Ex-library copy.
$45.00 USD plus postage.

195433 TENNIS:
Original Manuscript Minute Book of the Blacktown (N.S.W.) & District Tennis Association. From its inaugural meeting proposing its formation to incorporating the Granville and District Hard Court Tennis Association, to tournaments played, etc. etc:
1924-1928 3 September 1924 to 27 February 1928. Includes Report of Tournaments as well as Balance Sheets for the years 1934, 1935 and 1936. Entirely in manuscript by several hands in small 4to worn exercise bo...
$350.00 USD plus postage.

194281 TIMMS, E. V.
An original typed letter from the National Library for the Blind, dated 8 December 1954, seeking confirmation that Timms' books may be made available for transcription into Braille for the use of blind readers.
1954 Apparently Timms' publishers 'have already been good enough to give their permission'. Single full-page 4to. letter, fully signed 'W. A. Mumford', Librarian and Director-General.
$100.00 USD plus postage.

192029 TRAVERS, P.L.
Guide to the Papers of P.L. Travers in the Mitchell Library, State Library of N.S.W.
1991 Arranged and described by L .Anemaat. Sydney 1991. F/scap folio. Orig. illust. wrapper with cloth spine. (3,III,50pp.).With portrait. A stencilled work printed on one side of page only. (Mitchell Lib...
$40.00 USD plus postage.

Medieval Manuscripts.
1967 Catalogue of the Exhibition 31 July - 1 September (1967). Sydney 1967. 8vo. Or.illust.wrapper. (40pp.). With frontisp., and 16 full-page plates. Index Pp.35-39. NOTE: An exhibition in Fisher Library,...
$15.00 USD plus postage.

49251 VIVANT, C.J.?
A two page M.S. poem on folio paper entitled "Sunday in Sydney".
NOTE: Signed "C.J. Vivant? (partly erased), Victoria 20-1-10".
$10.00 USD plus postage.

Garden Kalendar 1751-1771.
1975 Reproduced in facsimile from the manuscript in the British Library. Introd. and notes by J. Glegg. (Lond): The Scolar Press, 1975. Sm.4to. Or.qtr.buckram with marbled boards. d.w. With frontisp. Fine...
$85.00 USD plus postage.

The original Ledgers and Account Books.
1952 Comprising 16 large folio hf.cf. volumes, dating from 1908 to 1952, entirely hand-written in a clear legible hand. The collection includes the original Payment Books (detailing general expenses, prov...
$7150.00 USD plus postage